La Maison Younan,5-star luxury hotel castle in France


Located in different parts of France, the castle of La Maison Younanare 5-star hotels offering a premium quality hotel experience. Staying in one of these 5-star luxury hotel castle in France means enjoying a luxurious setting and a host of services.

5-star castle in rich French regions

La Maison Younan 's 5-star luxury hotel castle in France are located in regions with a rich historical, architectural and natural heritage. The estates are located in the Loiret, New Aquitaine and Loire Valley regions. Staying in one of these 5-star castle hotels offers the opportunity to enjoy an authentic setting, close to numerous tourist attractions. To keep guests entertained on site, each estate has its own golf course. After a day of sightseeing, everyone can enjoy the pleasure of playing on beautiful sites. In fact, the golf courses at these 5-star castle have been designed to blend in perfectly with the estates' natural surroundings, and are designed to be extremely enjoyable.

The sumptuous decor of La Maison Younan's 5-star French castle

While the exterior of the castle contributes to their 5-star status, the interior décor is quite simply sumptuous. Whether it's theAlexandra Palace in Mazières-en-Gâtine, the Domaine de Vaugouard in Fontenay-sur-Loing, the Château de Beauvois in Saint-Etienne-de-Chigny or any of the other estates, each offers rooms where everything is luxury and optimal comfort. Tasteful decor, refined furnishings, top-quality bedding and modern amenities are just some of the features that turn these castle into 5-star hotels where a stay is like a dream. What's more, these 5-star luxury hotel castles France offer a wide range of services for guest comfort. The Domaine de Vaugouard has a wellness area and outdoor swimming pool, while the Château de Beauvois has a heated swimming pool, tennis court and basketball court. At La Maison Younan castle hotels, your stay will be one of perfection.

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