Castle hotel luxe France, look no further

La Maison Younan is a grouping of some of the most remarkable hotels in France for their appreciation of historical heritage and respect for hotel know-how. Younan rhymes unconditionally with the choice of a luxury castle hotel in France.


Castle luxury hotels in France, the perfect selection

In a visited country like France, there's no shortage of hotels, whether in tourist resorts or more isolated regions. But how many of the wide choice can boast of bringing historic monuments to life? How many of them can push the excellence of a luxury castle hotel in France up to 4 or 5 stars? It's because such establishments are few and far between, and sometimes quite confidential, that La Maison Younan presents these jewel cases. Throughout France, this collection showcases a history, a heritage, a castle that has become a luxury hotel to continue to live and breathe the art of French hospitality. Today, luxury hotels in France are synonymous with La Maison Younan.


4-star castle hotels in France, for an unforgettable stay

All Younan Group hotels meet the highest standards. First and foremost, thespirit of the castle must endure through the decoration, fittings and works of art that make up the personality of the establishment, as at the Alexandra Palace. A luxury hotel castle in France is also about the perfectionism of each member of the team who welcomes you every day. They contribute to the magnificent, serene and exceptional atmosphere you'll find in our hotels. Gastronomy, a symbol of France, cannot be overlooked, with top-quality restaurants where both the plate and the reception room will charm you. Being a luxury hotel in France today also means meeting the highest standards in terms of facilities andevent organization. All the hotels in the Younan collection invite you to family receptions, such as weddings, or business events that will leave your guests with unforgettable memories. Tourist activities and facilities such as golf are also part of the amenities you can enjoy in the immediate vicinity of your luxury castle hotel in France, promising a moment out of time.


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