La Maison Younan, 4- and 5-star castle hotels in France

Prestigious hotel group, La Maison Younanwelcomes you to superb estates in charming French regions. With these 4 and 5-star castle hotels in France, you'll enjoy a stay that's part dream, part pleasure.and pleasure.

Impeccable comfort and service in 4 and 5-star castle hotels

The castle hotels deserve their 4 or 5 stars. Indeed, each estate is equipped - both inside and out - with all the elements needed to offer guests a faultless stay, between comfort and refinement.The overall decor of each château hotel is sumptuous and exudes a charming atmosphere. The rooms are a perfect blend of elegance, modernity and well-being. Furnishings, colors, decorative objects, bedding, fabrics - everything is perfectly designed to create a harmonious whole that is a delight to the eye. This extreme luxury extends to the exterior, with facilities designed to meet the expectations of our guests. Every chateau hotel includes a golf course, some with a swimming pool, others with tennis courts and basketball courts. These 4- and 5-star castle hotels in France offer an extraordinary experience in the heart of sites steeped in history.

A magnificent gastronomic experience at 4 and 5 star castle hotels in France

If La Maison Younan 's 4 and 5-star castle hotels in France offer a unique experience, it's also thanks to their restaurants. Each dining room is equipped with the same refinement and luxury furnishings as the other areas of the château hotel to which it belongs. When it comes to cuisine, Younan offers top-quality gastronomy . The chefs and their teams concoct a cuisine that showcases excellent know-how and the finest produce. Indeed, each team prepares dishes using carefully selected, top-quality produce. The menus are a succession of tasty proposals for both savory and sweet dishes. At La Maison Younan's 4 and 5-star chateau hotels, you'll enjoy a culinary experience full of pleasure and sensations.

Superior Double Room

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