Organize an event in a castle, trust Younan

La Maison Younan is home to 7 of the most beautiful castle hotels in France. Magnificently restored historic sites, a privileged ambience, a flamboyant natural setting, organizing an event in a castle is a matter of course.


Organizing your wedding in a castle: the obvious choice

If you want a grand venue for your wedding, you know that a castle hotel is the perfect solution. With a little forethought, there's enough room to accommodate all the guests, the elegance of the setting matches the prestige of the day, and the facilities are up to your standards, both in the reception hall and in the presence of entertainment such as golf. But even when these services are on offer, they may still not be enough to meet all your expectations for a castle wedding. That's why La Maison Younan 's establishments are all 4 and 5 stars. Accessible from Paris, run by staff trained in the finest schools, each establishment is the perfect example of the French art of entertaining, and a wonderful illustration of France's architectural heritage. To organize an event at a Castle Younan is to ensure an incomparable moment.


Organizing an event at a castle near Paris

Organizing an event in a castle, whether private or professional, requires know-how and infrastructure. La Maison Younan 's castle hotels are exactly that. Château de la Perrière near Angers, for example, is an excellent illustration of this savoir-faire. This incredible eighteenth-century castle is the perfect setting for professional receptions, with fully-equipped, dedicated rooms in keeping with the spirit of the place, and reception expertise on a par with the finest palaces. If you're planning a birthday party in a castle, this is also an ideal address, with rooms to accommodate the whole family, a gourmet table in a magnificent vaulted hall, and a golf course in the immediate vicinity. Whatever your event, you expect an exceptional venue to live up to your expectations. This is the promise of the Younan establishments, combining the know-how, essential equipment and collaboration with various outside trades necessary for the success of your festivities, with an enchanting setting.


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