A wedding castle in the Ile de France region? Ask La Maison Younan

A beautiful wedding takes place in a castle. The space and setting for receptions, the gastronomy, the castle atmosphere and the bucolic exteriors, you don't need much convincing. But if you're looking for a magnificent wedding castle in the Ile de France region, La Maison Younan is the place to go.


The right Ile de France wedding castle

Finding the right venue to host wedding ceremonies and festivities is often a difficult choice. Availability, proximity, capacity, but also the elegance of the venue and the quality of the food, all contribute to a successful event. And when choosing a castle for a wedding in the Ile de France region, every element must be of the highest quality to leave your guests with a memorable souvenir. When you choose one of La Maison Younan's hotels, you're sure to find one that stands out from the crowd. In France, the collection consists of 6 establishments, all castle magnificently renovated to become 4 or 5-star hotels. Contemporary comforts and facilities do not detract in any way from the decoration, which is typical of the most sumptuous period. Your wedding will have a very special elegance with a wedding castle in the Paris region that offers such attention to detail, decoration and atmosphere.


A wedding castle near Paris, an infrastructure for large-scale receptions

The more guests you have, the more important it is to entertain them. Choosing a wedding castle in the Ile de France region addresses this issue in two ways. Firstly, the venue's team knows how to manage and organize the presence of a large number of guests. Secondly, it's the venue that can accommodate all your nearest and dearest. Open spaces like those at Domaine de Vaugouard give everyone the space they deserve. The presence of a golf course, as at the Alexandra Palace or a swimming pool at the Hôtel Saint Martin are sure to please everyone. Last but not least, the gourmet restaurant at each of the wedding castle in the Ile de France region is the ideal way to get everyone to agree on a top-quality meal. These hotels have thought of everything for you, so all you have to do is choose among those of La Maison Younan.


Fraichness or refinement with saddler accents, these rooms shine with fantasy and mischief. A colourful and ideally accessible escape - in some cases, these rooms offer a private terrace.

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