Tips for choosing your seminar venues with hotels in France

There is no shortage of places for seminars in France with hotels in France. But not all of them have the excellent services offered by the Great House of Younan Collection. Presentation.

The rental of seminar rooms in luxury hotels, a classic

Most luxury hotels today offer room rentals. This does not mean that it is part of their DNA, but that it is a simple answer to a demand. With the establishments of the Grande Maison Younan Collection, the seminar venues with hotels in France go further than a meeting room. It is in the very DNA of the establishments of this group to allow professional meetings. Today luxury hotels, they were once castles of French heritage and history. And today they are establishments whose layout, decoration, atmosphere, and each of the decorative objects, paintings or fabrics are directly inspired by these periods of history. So renting seminar rooms in sumptuous and irreproachable hotels is really part of these establishments of the Great House Younan Collection.

Perfectly modern seminar rooms in a castle

If the atmosphere is castle-like, if the cuisine is gastronomic and the park green, each establishment offers modern equipment for these seminar rooms with hotels in France. This is reflected first of all in the technical part. Video projection equipment, sound system, blackboard, stationery, fast wifi, everything is there to communicate well. A seminar room rental in a luxury hotel is not just a beautiful address, a beautiful setting and complete equipment. It is also to expect from the staff a perfect behavior, both invisible and always available. They will be there for the organization, the snacks but also the meals or the animations. These hotels with swimming pools, golf courses and gourmet restaurants can indeed offer you simply irreproachable seminar venues. The Château le Prieuré, the Château de Beauvois, the Domaine de Vaugouard or even the Malibu Foz in Portugal, the possibilities are varied, covering the Grand Ouest and very easily accessible. All you have to do is ask for a quote.


Suite with an average Floor Area 37 m2 (400 sq ft) on two levels.

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