A romantic break in a prestigious castle in France: discover La Maison Younan

Does your to-do list include a romantic break in a prestigious castle in France? We understand! Prestige, setting, romance, gourmet cuisine, facilities, unique ambiance - the reasons are many. And there's just one address to find it: La Maison Younan.

A romantic getaway in France's castle hotels

La Maison Younan is a collection of 7 prestigious hotels. 6 are located in France, in the Grand Ouest region and on the outskirts of Paris, while one is in Portugal. What makes Younan unique in France is that the hotels are housed in valuable historic buildings, most of them former castle. They have been restored and decorated with antiques, works of art, tapestries and paintings that perfectly reproduce the most sumptuous period of these buildings. For a romantic getaway in a castle hotel in France, La Maison Younan's selection is simply unique. It's the very definition of a romantic getaway in a prestigious ccastle in France, with a level of standards, aesthetic research and hotel know-how worthy of the finest hotels.

5-star charm for a romantic getaway in a castle hotel

Maison Younan is synonymous with prestigious names such as L'Alexandra Palace in Nouvelle Aquitaine, Domaine de Vaugouard in Centre Val de Loire and Château de Beauvois. First and foremost, these are exceptional 4 or 5-star establishments, not only in terms of decoration, as we have discovered, but also in terms of hotel know-how. All the services offered by the different establishments, the booking formulas or simply the interior and exterior setting are an invitation to spend a romantic stay in a prestigious castle in France. Whether you're declaring your love for each other, getting engaged or getting married, the prestige of the setting perfectly matches the grandeur of the occasion. Each establishment has its own history, its own personality, its own way of inviting you to experience a special romantic getaway. It's up to you to discover the one that will make your heart skip a beat, or that will seduce you with its wide range of activities.

Renovated in 2020, chic and natural decoration.

Premium Comfort Room

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