A weekend of Art de vivre à la Française in a castle in France

A weekend of French Art de vivre in a castle in France is the perfect opportunity to live a magical moment, between dream and reality, between everyday and exceptional. For this, La Maison Younan has the right setting for you.

A French stay in castles in France, a unique experience

How could one define the French art of living? If there is no precise method of use, there are many points to respect. A stay in France without talking about gastronomy would be missing something very special. This is why each of the 6 establishments of La Maison Younan located in France has a gastronomic restaurant, refined and superbly staged on site.

A weekend of French art de vivre in a castle in France is also simply a prestigious setting. And with La Maison Younan, you know that the establishments selected are for their location in special places. The Touraine, the Bordeaux region, the proximity of the Fontainebleau forest, all of this allows for the multiplicity of activities on site, but simply the assurance of having a beautiful region to discover.

A French-style stay in a French castle, a high-end experience

A weekend in a French castle in France is to immerse yourself in the history of the country. It makes people dream and fascinate all over the world. Castles, their splendor and the kings and queens who made them prestigious are of course at the forefront of this popular image that associates France with its most beautiful castles. This is exactly the atmosphere of the establishments of La Maison Younan, such as the Château de la Perrière or the Domaine de Vaugouard. These historic buildings have been completely refurbished and decorated in the same way as in their most sumptuous period. A stay in the French style is the assurance of a trip back in time that never forgets the modern comforts and conveniences thanks to these luxury hotel chateaux in France from La Maison Younan.

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